About one of our Computer Trainers

"I am 54 years old with a great deal of computer experience.

By the age of twenty one I had completed a five year apprenticeship in the print trade as a compositor/typesetter. In the late 70's typesetting was one of the main industries to go computerised and I operated some of the first computers in the trade.

In the 80's I worked at a publishing and printing firm in Sevenoaks that employed mainly female typists and I had to teach them all about computerised typesetting, that was my first introduction to teaching.

The following years were much the same working in the print industry with mixed media and still training "newcomers" to computers.

For the last twenty years I have been involved in web design, administration and marketing. Alongside computer training I have produced commercial and personal websites for clients.

I have also recently worked for a local college as a part time teacher of graphic manipulation (Photoshop) and I have qualifications in computer repair, business management and teaching.

I enjoy passing on my knowledge and I love to see students of all ages progress. I have developed amazing patience over the years and always try to keep my lessons interesting as well as plain and simple. "



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